Semi-solid Inflatable Doll


Getting amazing orgasms has never been easier! Introducing Adriana, the Semi-solid Lifelike Inflatable Love Doll! Made from quality materials, this doll is amazingly comfortable to use and extremely durable.



From her suckable toes to her wide-open lips, Adriana is sure to please you!

• Includes three special & separate entries – her mouth, vagina & backdoor
• Vagina and backdoor are completely separate for your enjoyment
• Rubber breasts inflate so you can make them soft or firm
• Face, hands and feet are made from molded rubber to make them amazingly lifelike
• Soft and flexible hands & feet deliver sexy “massages” with happy endings
• Jointed arms allow you to pose them in a variety of positions
• Multiple air chambers & double valves help Adriana retain air for longer
• Includes air pump for easy inflation & repair kit for emergencies
• Measures 5 feet 2 inches tall & can support up to 250 pounds
• Made from vinyl, rubber and TPR

With a detailed sexy vagina, you can be sure you are in for a world of pleasure when playing with Adriana. Kiss her soft lower lips and have her tease you with her sexy cunt hair while you penetrate her creamy insides. Her lifelike vagina will blow your socks off. Ultimate pleasure is guaranteed! And when you have your fill of her front gate, her back door is also at your disposal! Super tight and ready to be spanked and used as you see fit, her tight ass is amazing. Both her front and back entrances have special ticklers and teasers which will make you moan with pleasure until you climax in a haze of ecstasy! Unlike cheaper lower-quality dolls, when you play with Adriana, you can be sure both her doors will stay in their places and will not fall out. Her lifelike hair and great breasts will make you harder than you have ever been before, and when you are done with her, you can easily store her until you want to have some fun again!

How can anyone get lonely with amazing Adriana at their disposal? If you really want to have the feel of a real woman, or even better, get this amazing doll now and afford yourself heaps of pleasure and orgasms like you have never had before!

vibrator makes moaning sounds
packing box dimensions ca. 26x 34x 23 cm


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