Seductions Sex Game


Enhance your sex life with a titillating bondage game. This set contains everything you need to get started with beginner’s BDSM and soft bedroom bondage. Roll the dice and let chance decide whether you’ll be spanked, blindfolded or otherwise pleasured.

With 2 ways to play, this bedroom bondage game is the perfect starting point if you and your partner are new to bondage and aren’t sure where to begin. Ideal for beginners who want to explore gentle bedroom bondage together, this game allows you to move at your own pace and introduce blindfolds, restraints and sensation play to your foreplay.



The set includes 36 bondage seduction cards to help you choose which game to play with your lover. Simply take one off the top of the pack or roll the dice together to decide.

A soft satin-feel blindfold for sensory explorations, 2 black satin-feel restraints and a flogger also come included to help enhance the fun and games.

Key Features:

  • A beginner’s bondage game with 36 command cards, dice, blindfold, restraints and flogger included
  • Explore gentle BDSM together with this seductive game that lets you try new sensations for breathtaking foreplay
  • Roll the dice and follow the suggestions on the cards or pick the ones you’d most like to try
  • Use the included accessories to enhance your play


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