Mini Massager (Pink)


The Mini Massager (Pink) is a prime example of why size doesn’t matter when it comes to sex toys. This tiny yet powerful device is capable of producing some intense sensations that will help you climax anytime, anywhere.



The vibe is designed to be extremely slim and small. The motor is capable of producing some powerful vibrations that can be controlled via a rotating switch. Even though it may look like a harmless little toy, it is capable of catapulting you into orgasm at a moment’s notice. This vibrator can be used to tease and caress any erogenous part of the body and feels especially amazing again the clitoral area of a woman’s vagina. The compact size and design of the vibrator makes it really easy to play with the product regardless of your preferred position. The mini vibe is also 100% waterproof which means you can take it to the shower or bathtub for an intense solo session without worrying about damaging it. The tiny vibe uses a single AA battery for power.

With a set of powerful vibrations to take you on an adventure of erotic ecstasy, the Mini Massager (Pink) is created using top grade PC ABS material that feels extremely soft against the skin. It has no odor or bad smell and can be easily washed after use. The product is discretely packaged as a facial massager.


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