Boutique Faux Leather Crop


Transform your leisure time into an erotic adventure with the Bondage Boutique faux leather mini crop. Smaller than the average riding crop, it packs into your suitcase for fetishistic fun anywhere in the world. Never compromise your pleasure-time again.

With an overall length of 18 inches, this spanking crop is ideal for taking with you on your travels or using in small rooms, as well as being supremely easy to store between uses. Its ergonomic handle provides faultless grip for confident swings, whilst its flexible faux leather tip caresses your subs’ sweet spots with every spank.



Suitable for vegans and those who prefer not to use real leather. Why not browse the rest of our faux leather bondage gear for authentic, leather-free BDSM?

Key Features:

  • Small riding crop for intermediate S&M exploration in any sized room
  • 18 inches from end-to-end for easy transport and storage
  • Faux leather tip provides audible slaps and delightful stings
  • Textured handle offers supreme grip and control
  • Wrist loop reinforces grip for confident swings


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